Survivor's Notebook

Reassessing Racism


Racism Is a tool of divide and conquer where each side can be controlled by directing their energies against the other.

We know the story. In the United States, the so-called “leader of the free world”, there are many people still trying to convince the government, the world and maybe even each other that their lives should matter. Many of the cities in this country remain segregated over 50 years after “desegregation”, and many glaring examples show how much differently people are treated in similar situations. With all the murders and terrorism by police, marches, riots and inflammatory politics, it is clear to see that tensions in this country are near a boiling point and many are anxious about what’s going to happen next. Why?

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Kem Graduation

Navigating The Uphill Journey


The new graduate, Hatikaheru Nejitef (center) with M’TAM teachers Bouimen Kamenthu (left) and Nekhitem Kamenthu (right)

The journey of initiation is a very difficult path with very positive results. It forces a person to confront personal weaknesses and to be honest in life. This article celebrates the achievement of the graduation of the Nejitef generation on the 9th of Kpekhan, year 413. This generation started as one of the biggest classes in the history of the New York school. By the time of the graduation, there was only one initiate left. Today we are congratulating this sole initiate, Hatikaheru Nejitef, in reclaiming his ancestral culture, as well as his steadfast dedication and persistence.

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Event Calendar

Kairika Events & Holy Days

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Ancestral Spiritual Day
Personal Zemzem and ancestral offerings and libations at personal shrine.
Original Spiritual Day
Community Zemzem and offerings done at The Earth Center Temple. Everyone is welcome. Contact your local Earth Center for times.
Mapping the Cosmos Lectures – Kemetic Time Keeping & The Zodiac.
3rd Kairika (San Diego), 11th Kairika (Chicago)
• The Origins of the Zodiac Signs • Connecting Astronomy & Astrology
 Pre-Kwanzaa Celebration (Chicago): 9th, 10th Kairika Click here for details.
The Kemetic Fasting Period
24th Kairika: Embalment of Wsr (Osiris) – A night of prayers and lamentation.
27th Kairika: Beginning of Fasting – Do not eat, drink, smoke, etc. from sunrise to sunset
from 27th Kairika until 6th Tepia.
29th Kairika: Mourning for Wsr – A day of lamentation and prayer.
7th Tepia: End of Fasting – A feast celebrating the fasting period with family and friends.
On The Ancestral Path

Are We Advancing Or Degenerating?


“Smart” technology is doing work that has always been done by the human brain, leading us to become dumber.

We just have to use spiritual and intellectual honesty to understand that the way we are living our life is not normal.

There’s a way we should be living our lives. Everybody knows that. The thing is this: there’s this rope on your neck being pulled on the other side.

You try to move a little bit, to go where you think you should be. Then, if you go too far, the rope pulls you, then you’ll be choking. What I mean is we have too much attachment to the way the modern system conditioned us to live.

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