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Failure of Democracy

Hillary Clinton VS Donald Trump rack up additional wins

US presidental cannidates with corrupt records.

As President Barack Obama spends his last term in office, we are faced once again with the democratic process of electing a new President. We are taught in grade school that the President’s role is to be the administrative head of the executive branch of the Government, which includes numerous agencies, such as the Department of Labor, Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Department of Transportation, etc. The President also serves as Commander In Chief of all United States military forces deployed around the world. The image that is promulgated throughout the world is that democracy is the best the world can hope for regarding stability and improvement/advancement. What is promoted is that people are choosing their leadership by popular demand, thus it brings with it stability because everyone had a vital input in setting the course of the nation’s agenda. Thus, the Presidency represents people’s hopes and dreams. This is what is projected to the world and the President is the figurehead that represents democracy. However, if we look beyond the idea that is projected, we will see that democracy is no more than a governing tool. It is a business management tool set for the bottom line and that bottom line is power and control over people and their resources. Another flaw with democracy is it allows for any con-artist with enough money and influence to become the head of state despite their corrupt nature.  So in essence, the U.S. Presidency and democracy must be viewed in this context to get a better understanding why there is a push to spread democracy throughout the world.

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Feature Story

Libya: Victim of Neo-Imperialism

THIS PICTURE WAS TAKEN ON A GUIDED GOVERNMENT TOUR Supporters of Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi inspect damages at his house which was hit by a NATO air strike overnight in the Gargur area of Tripoli on May 1, 2011 as the Libyan regime said the raid killed Kadhafi's youngest son and three grandchildren but that the strongman escaped unhurt in what it called a deliberate attempt to assassinate him. AFP PHOTO/MAHMUD TURKIA (Photo credit should read MAHMUD TURKIA/AFP/Getty Images)

The aftermath of NATO airstrikes against Libya in 2011.

LIBYA, ONCE ONE OF the richest countries in Meritah (Africa), prior to US/NATO intervention in 2011, has now been reduced to a failed state. The country is in chaos with two competing governments claiming authority over the country. Weapons from weapon depots in Libya have been scattered throughout Meritah (Africa) and the country is now the base for The Islamic State (IS) in Northern Meritah. Libyans are also fleeing the country where kidnappings and assassinations are commonplace, adding to the influx of refugees flowing into Europe. The events that have lead up to the present chaos, which include the brutal murder of Muammar Qaddafi the former leader of Libya, were in no small part due to US/NATO intervention in the internal affairs of what was supposed to be a sovereign state.

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Talking Drum

Brexit: Europe in Crisis

Brexit Protest

Protest in UK opposing the decision to leave the european union

AS A KEM LIVING in the UK, I have been witnessing the unfolding drama within the European Union (EU). The United Kingdom (UK) has been in the middle of a debate, to decide whether or not to stay in the European Union (EU). A referendum was held on the 23rd June 2016 for the people to vote on this topic. They voted to leave. From a Kemetic perspective, one needs to understand the history to know the present.

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Survivor's Notebook

Irresponsible Leaders


Protestors in Chicago call for the resignation of Mayor Rahm Emanuel following murders by Chicago Police.

With the passing of another 4th of July, we have reached 240 years since the Declaration of Independence. Behind the nationwide fanfare of fireworks and cookouts is a celebration of the USA’s history and independence from Britain. Lately, this observance has been met with increasing cynicism as the promises of freedom, justice and equality made by the founding fathers have never been realized by the majority of Americans and actually seem to be getting farther from reach as the years go by. The finger-pointing and scapegoating fuels a never-ending cycle of hatred and antagonism amongst the population. Meanwhile, most of the politicians in the middle of it all skillfully deny their responsibility.

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Volume 15.8

Those Belonging to Truth – The Nimahat Graduation


The Nimahat Generation: Ibreni (left) and Kameera (right)

Prophet Neb Naba, the Maakheru (Voice of Truth) of the M’TAM Schools worldwide, told us a story that was taught to him as part of the traditional education within his culture in Meritah (Africa). This anecdote revolves around a man that spent days and days trying to cut down a tree, but the axe he was using was so dull. He stood there day in and day out trying to cut down that tree, but couldn’t. Eventually his actions caught the attention of his neighbor, who began observing him and found it very interesting. His neighbor thought to himself, how much can you achieve in trying to cut a tree with a dull axe?

This neighbor decided one day that he was going to talk to the man, so he went to him and said, “Hey, my friend… what are you doing?” The man replied, “I am trying to cut down this tree, but I don’t need to be distracted…” The neighbor smiled and then replied, “But you’ve been doing it for days.” And the man abruptly replied, “Yeah! That’s why I don’t need to be disturbed!” The neighbor paused for a moment and then asked, “Have you ever thought about sharpening your axe?” The man retorted, “No! I am in too much of a hurry…” And that is where the story stops.

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