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Harvest Your Garden

Harvest-colour-corrected-CroppedAll your labors in the vegetable garden finally pay off at harvest time. However tempting it might be to rush into picking your produce, it is impatience that causes one to pluck it too soon before it is ripe for eating. Here are some signs to help you recognize the moment when your crops are at their peak of perfection.

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Kem Graduation

Pursuing Personal Quality – A Welcome to the Sahqara Generation

From left: M’TAM Instructor Kasabez Maakmaah and Saqhau Washhek; the graduate, Ibasta Sahqara; Director of The Earth Center, Nehez Meniooh

The continent is Africa (Meritah). A full moon has risen early in a still sunlit sky. A village compound with a carpenter on a low stool in the center of the yard building a large frame using raffia bamboo. The carpenter’s seven-year-old son enters the yard and starts this conversation.

“Tapsei, Papa (Good work, Papa). That’s a big moon tonight, Papa.“

“O yes,” the carpenter says, continuing to measure, cut, and chisel bamboo. He is making frames for a pyramid roof for their kitchen.

“I see something on it. It looks like…. like….

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