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Civilizational Mobsters

Religious extremists have terrorized humanity for over 2500 years

I can’t think of any time or place where I’ve heard the word “mob”, and it’s notorious connotation, used in anyway positive or praiseworthy. Yet in the world of human interaction and societal interrelation, the battlefield of ideas, make this type of group the commonplace structure within which human beings are forced to exist. If you’re asking how, let me elaborate. A mob, as far as we can observe, has always been a large group of individuals usually brought together based on an emotional reaction to a circumstance of some nature. This reactionary stimulus is responsible for setting the conditions in which mobs are formed and is where we can trace the hidden hand controlling the battlefield of ideas at play. islam-will-dominate-the-world_1

What could be a more fitting example than the recent emergence of the so called ISIS insurgency and its antithesis in Western opposition?

The history of ISIS, whose official motto is, “Remaining and Expanding”, can be traced back to conflicts that began as far back as  2,500 B.C. when certain groups of humanity departed from the civilizing values of humanity’s original culture, known as Kemetic culture. Kemet was the founding civilization of the highest cultural, spiritual and intellectual achievements, whose capital straddled the banks of the river Nile even long after the times of this fateful rebellion. So, the ongoing pendulum swing of political ambition expresses itself through the ages up to this very day.  As with most other groups of its ilk, ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) has taken up the banner or baton of its many predecessors whose histories seem inextricably linked. That link is particular to this part of the world, the so-called “Middle East”, that appears forever mired in the chaos born from the fissure that occurred between the original culture and its rebellious offspring. Since that time, the so called Eastern and Western worlds have been locked in an infernal struggle between factions of these original rebels.

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Survivor's Notebook

The Dog & Pony Show

Trump Clinton Debate

Politicians are excellent actors. Are these two friends or enemies? While we are distracted by their performance, life goes on.

If you think of yourself as a person who cares and wants better for yourself, your community or humanity, you have certainly attended the dog and pony show more than once. A lot of effort is put into the appearance of things to bring people out. Maybe it will be advertised as a meeting of the minds or a solution-based event. Maybe celebrities will come and talk. Maybe a panel discussion will be held, giving the audienc
e a chance to question the “experts”. Many in attendance attend to feel like they are a part of something important, with the potential to bring something positive into their lives.

Trump Clinton shake handsWe as human beings are facing many problems. When we have problems, we seek solutions. Our dilemma has been that we are often called to attention by people who claim to have answers to our problems. When we take the time to hear what they have to say, however glamourous their presentation is, we still go home with our problems and no closer to solving them.

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Feature Story

Humanity’s Freedom

The Nile Valley Civilization provided humanity’s original value system, enabling it to accomplish amazing feats unmatched by modern technology

What makes knowledge valuable is when it is applied to the consciousness of the individual in order to achieve enlightenment– to become a good person. According to humanity’s Ancestral forefathers, being good requires that our quality rise higher today than it did yesterday. To achieve such a feat, we need a reason as well as a guide to do so. When we seek the fundamental knowledge of human societies and behaviors, we find ourselves in Africa (Meritah) looking for the clues to human history.

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Talking Drum

Opportunity To Mobilize

Pilgrimage-with-Maakheru-walkingInitiation is the traditional rite of passage by which human beings learn how to live as human beings, cautious of how they fit into nature and into the overall existence. For 20 years, The Earth Center has been paving the way for individuals to reestablish their connection to their traditions by providing a unique education that has been untouched and kept in secrecy within the initiation camps across Meritah (Africa) in order to preserve its integrity. This education has been made available by the authority of the priests in Meritah, with the goal of assisting people who would like to relearn their true heritage and who understand the importance of dropping their colonial conditioning. Due to many requests, The Earth Center is now extending another opportunity for those interested in its mission, but who are not able to join the initiation, by offering memberships.

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Feature Story

Holy Days or Holidays


There are many stories about the origins of Thanksgiving, but do any of them honor our origins?

Since the beginning of human civilization, holidays or days of observance have been cherished as special occasions amongst families and larger communities. The original holidays of humanity are extremely important, and they started as holy days observing very specific spiritual and/or astronomic events. Presently, the “holiday season” still brings joy and comfort to all in colonial territories.

For years the origins of the colonial holidays have been exposed by honest researchers. Those origins reveal a very terrifying history of colonial barbarism, genocide and deceit. This deceit not only keeps many ignorant of the true origins of today’s celebrated holidays but also seems to trap even the families who become aware of them in continuing on in “the spirit of the holidays.”

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