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On the Ancestral Path-Time & Technology

Modern technology has become not only a fascina­tion among humanity, but for the most part, on per­ception alone, it has become an addiction. As time goes, humanity is becoming more dependent upon technologi­cal development and less dependent on human development. This creates a sequence of events that is leading humanity into a future that will require less thinking, assessing and reasoning because the technology is there to relieve us of those mental functions… those basic, human mental functions.

In all fairness, modern technology has its usefulness, spe­cifically in the field of communications. It’s an impressive feat to be able to contact someone who lives on the other side of the planet just by punching some numbers on a key pad. It’s equally as impressive to find the location and directions to any place just by typing the address of said place. But the true value in these two technological advances revolves around conve­nience and “saving” time. The concept of the latter, “saving” time, can easily segue towards that slippery path which leads to mental, spiritual and physical degeneration. Amazingly, we still somehow see a small victory in our perpetual battle against time when technology can be used to manipulate our percep­tion of “saving” it.

Maybe the notion of time is much greater </spanProxy-Connection: keep-alive
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Ethan what we may perceive of it. Materially speaking, we are only capable of af­fecting only a minute portion of time. This exposes a huge con­tradiction within humans because we have been conditioned to experience our material life, which happens within a small fork of time, as if it will last forever. If this is our approach, then why are we inclined to attempt to “save” time under selective circumstances? I think maybe an even more relevant question would be; what does it mean when we speak of “saving” time? In the West, we observe “daylight savings time.” What does this mean and what is the logic behind this concept? Even if a very thorough scientific explanation can be given to this ques­tion, the logic will still fail to fit or express the concept itself.

Master Naba once said, “To be lost is to know the way”. Meaning, if you are trying to reach a destination and you find yourself lost, although it may take you much longer to orient the right path, you will know which roads not to take as you navigate your way towards your final destination. It then be­comes a process of elimination of paths taken, which requires one to think, assess and memorize the paths and events that one experienced along the way. Without these processes of the brain taking place, one has a very minimal chance of making the best decision regarding which direction to take. Even our current perceptions and perspectives of the world and ourselves, are constantly being shaped and reshaped by our ability to memo­rize detailed aspects of what we have been exposed to before. What we observe as intelligence or smartness is really just an innate ability to easily recall sounds, sights, tastes, feelings and smells that one’s past has exposed him to.

Technology has succeeded in keeping many of us distracted from the ways of our ancestors. The irony lies in the fact that our ancestors were much more advanced in their knowledge and use of technology. The proof is evident within the enigma of how the pyramids in the Nile Valley were built. Well, it is safe to say that it was possible through the use of ancient tech­nology. Even today, with all of the so-called technological ad­vancements, modern science has failed to agree on a common formula and the physical process of transporting tons of heavy stones from great distances and building pyramids in the sand of the desert. Unfortunately, the power of utilizing the ancient technology that was used by our ancestors has been lying dor­mant within us, the descendants of those great ancestors, and has gone ignored and dishonored by the modern world. But it still exists.

The invention of the internet is probably the greatest ad­vancement within the field of technology in modern times. The amount of information that is shared through this vehicle on a daily basis is staggering. So much so, that for many, it would be very difficult to imagine life without this type of access. This is a serious problem that is worth much consideration, because all implications lead to a crippled society if or when this form of technology fails to exist.

Humanity would then be forced to deal directly with each other and work together in order to sur­vive, which creates another dilemma because we are not taught by this system what it takes to work together or survive.

At every moment, even right now, millions of people are spending hours reading or researching useless information on the internet. This pertains to information that cannot offer one anything that will help him to advance morally or spiritually. These aspects of our evolution will always evade us if we are not looking in the appropriate places for guidance. In actuality, it would be insulting to think modern technology can provide the tools a human being needs to develop spiritual qualities. This is why we have Masters or Sages. The guidance that is given by such individuals stretches far beyond the realm of what the architects of modern technology can ever imagine of­fering to humanity.

It has been prophesized by many indigenous systems that a day will soon come when electricity as we know it will no longer work. One can imagine the chaos that would ensue as the result of such an event. Humanity will be forced to become better acquainted with nature, which is something that many of us will reject by all means, even if it costs us our lives.

Just as modern technology lacks the ability to discern among human needs and issues, as a result of being pacified by mod­ern technology, humanity is simultaneously losing its own abil­ity to discern among the needs and issues of its own species.

The modern world has evaded the living ancestral knowl­edge of indigenous people for a very long time. If this planet and its inhabitants are to survive the destructive forces we all have contributed to, it will only be through the traditions and education of our ancestors. Sitting at the feet of a Master can never be replaced by an online course in Spirituality 101. It would be very difficult for one to make time to learn the tra­ditional approaches to spirituality while trying to save it…at the same time! I can only guess that it is much safer for us to maintain a neutral (dishonest) moral position in life rather than standing firmly behind one or another value system as our ancestors represented, because to do so would require the type of educational process that has been promoted and perceived to be a thing of the past; a thing of folklore and superstition; a thing of evil.

Modern technology has become the new “drug” that the architects of these systems shooting through the veins of the society. Every new technological advance tells a story and has an agenda for the future of humanity. It is only when we are able to readily identify or recognize the convenience factor of technology, and keep it in its proper perspective, that we can we avoid becoming a victim of the most powerful brainwash­ing instrument the human mind has faced since the Bible and the Koran.

Master Naba never got tired of speaking or writing the phrase, “The arrow that will pierce your heart is the one you won’t see coming”. Hetep

Feature Story

AFRICOM: The New Face of Oppression

America the beautiful, land of opportunity, home of the brave, land of the… free. America has never hid its ambitions of world domination. Instead, it has built its institutions and infrastructures in such a way that even when its methods are revealed, its citizens feel too powerless to contest. Over the past few decades, more and more citizens have surrendered to this system. More and more have traded their responsibility to the survival of this planet and human kind for their individual inter­ests. As if to say, if we must watch this system destroy the Earth we will cash in and live com­fortably for it.

Life for so many Americans has now been re­duced to making a living or seeking the “wealth” that this system produces. Many even accept the belief (or justification) that the only real way to fight such a power hungry, dominant imperial system is to do so from within. These people fail to see the subtle effectiveness of colonial imperi­alism. Imperialism dominates and kills ancestral culture by distracting individuals, for whatever self-justification, into investing their time and energy into the colonial values and thoughts. It is these portions of society who, through their surrender, become fueling accomplices invested in a system set on Proxy-Connection: keep-alive
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eir own destruction. They will fight to protect this system and their own interests which now depend on its success… per­haps they are the brave who, even facing their own destruction, do not lower their arms.

It is with this backdrop that we have been presented the United States Africa Command more commonly referred to as AFRICOM. AFRICOM is a United States Government military unit aimed at building and maintaining US military presence throughout the continent of Africa. It is the cul­mination of a ten year think-tank by the US Department of Defense on how to protect and ensure the success of Ameri­can interests on the African continent. Its overall mission as defined in May 2008 reads,

“United States Africa Command, in concert with other U.S. government agencies and international partners, conducts sustained security engagement through military-to-military programs, military-sponsored activities, and other military operations as directed to promote a stable and secure African environment in support of U.S. foreign policy.”

The strategic objectives of Africa Command are designed to:

– support the achievement of the theater strategic end states, which are as follows:

1. African countries and organizations are able to provide for their own security and contribute to security on the continent.

2. African governments and regional secu­rity establishments have the capability to mitigate the threat from organizations committed to violent extremism.

3. African countries and organization main­tain professional militaries that respond to civilian authorities, respect the rule of law and abide by in­ternational human rights norms.

– protect or advance US interests in Africa

– provide focus for the Command’s engagement activities.

The 2009 AFRICOM Posture Statement states,

“[This strategy] allows the command to provide support to efforts led by other US Government agen­cies responsible for development and diplomacy. It allows the United States AFRICOM to defend the homeland and secure United States interest(s) abroad.”


Children born in Africa. They are born into the wealth of a resource rich continent which also is home to the oldest human culture of the planet. However this wealth keeps more primitive of us at the necks of these children’s survival.

Today, one of America’s main interests is control­ling oil resources. In 2007 the continent of Africa surpassed the Middle East as America’s number one source for oil. So, it is fairly easy to see through our politicians claims of “Helping Africa protect itself against outside agents who wish to exploit its coastal waters, and resources” or “Assisting Africa with its primary problems of hunger, sickness, etc. “. If there was any honesty in these claims, one would not see the U.S. sucking out Africa’s oil, nor would one see professional killers sent to help feed a nation. If feeding the continent was actually an American priority, one would think that America would start by ending the support of cash crops and discontinuing the in­stigation of “ethnic-cleansing” wars that displace tribes from their cultivated land. Not only does the continent of Merita have some of the world’s richest soil for food crops but his­tory has shown us that any human society if left alone will sustain itself. The truth is, the U.S.A., in order to effectively protect its true interests: oil and power, must now use its per­ceived cure-all: its military force. The U.S. Imperial machine in its plight for world domination needs to contain the power and territory that China has been working to increase on the continent.

AFRICOM is the head of an agenda that has a long history of American Command Units created to build and support US imperialism. This plan was initiated back at the end of World War II. It was the result of the Navy’s dissatisfaction with the divided command in the Pacific ocean during the war. Shortly after the war, the United States began seven Unified Command Units to help them maintain their military author­ity throughout the globe: Far East Command, Pacific Com­mand, Alaskan Command, Northeast Command, Atlantic Command, Carribean Command and European Command.

Today, those command units have evolved into six units which provide and maintain military presence, surveillance and intimidation throughout the entire globe: USNORTH­COM (Covering North America including Canada, Mexico, & Northern Carribean), USSOUTHCOM (Covering Central America, South America & Southern Carribean), USEUCOM (Covering Greenland, All of Europe, & Russia), USCENT­COM (Covering the Middle East and South Asia), USPA­COM (Covering Asia, Australia and the Pacific Islands) and the newest AFRICOM (focusing on the continent of Africa). Today, fifty years after World War II, America is the only nation that has cut the globe up with the agenda of control. However, it is not the first time.

America is the face of the same colonial system that cut up the Kemetic continent in the early 1800s in the Berlin Confer­ence with the agenda to enslave its resources and people. We do not need to look to hard to find out where this madness for power came from. The American system and all colonial powers have a common cultural root. Just as all the colonial languages (Romantic Languages) derive from Latin, their governmental philosophy and political greed derive from An­cient Greece and Rome. It is there that we find the Greek philosophers misleading the people with stories of Greek God families in which the children of God plotted with their moth­er to kill their own father. After succeeding, these menacing God children then split up the Earth and each took a portion to control. Throughout human history stories of Gods were supposed to inspire humanity towards certain behavior. They provide humans with a model to emulate. This system is fol­lowing this model of these fabricated Gods exactly. Only the complete annihilation of our ancestral (Kemetic/indigenous) roots will suffice.

It is not hard for any of us to observe that this system has never done anything in good nature. There has not been any substantial shift in policies, any honest attempt at rehabilita­tion or turn around by the leaders of this system to correct or even admit to the depth of their own guilt. Yet in still, Black Americans after generations and generations of protesting, fighting and protecting themselves from this system now seek a leading role within in it. They now gauge their success in how well they can work toward the expansion of this sys­tem whether it is through its media outlets, business ventures, educational facilities or other institutions.

This demonstrates this system’s capability to misdirect the focus of Blacks in the diaspora. If at one point we were focusing on protecting our survival from a system that was seeking to employ our blood and sweat, today we have been sold the idea that the sweat we have waged in this battle is our investment into this system. We now believe that the work we have invested into our survival, in spite of this system, makes this system partially our own, and therefore its main­tenance partially in our interest. Is it this reason that so many feel they have won something with Obama’s election? If we slow down and look at our situation we can see that now the only real thing we have gained with this new belief is the blood that America spills across the globe now also covers our hands. We have joined this system in destroying our­selves and our fellow humans. Our success within a system that has showed itself to be one of the most evil and ruthless that this planet has seen must be feared if we are not to totally destroy our image, our integrity and our planet.

As America once again turns towards humanity’s ancestral home with the same addiction to power that led to the ex­ploitation and destruction of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, one wonders when Kemetic (African) descendents will invest into our self-preservation. The American imperialist system has become very successful in selling to its victims reasons why their own destruction is an honorable cause. Today, the system employs the victims of the infamous Atlantic slave trade for the job of “commanding” their brothers and sisters back on the African continent, those who were left behind. Former U.S. President George Bush chose General William Ward to lead Africom. After Bush’s presidency, President Barack Obama was elected into office. These two “African-Americans” will be the face that brings American imperial­ism to the home of their ancestors. It is these two new faces that the capitalistic monster will hide behind as it sinks its teeth deeper in the Kemetic continent. It is these two faces that will lead too many more away from the model of the Gods provided by our Kemetic ancestors and into the hands of our oppressors.

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What is News?

A Producer’s Mentality

Beginning a garden is a healthy way to survive the day to day turmoil that we are subject to. To achieve this goal all we need is the motivation. Your garden will provide many things that will help you to keep your vigor. The most obvious being the fresh produce, but this produce is not the first benefit we receive from our garden.

Initially, we have to motivate ourselves to do some work without pay. This is a difficult situation for many people raised in a society where cash is king. Once we motivate ourselves out of the slave labor mentality and into the mind set of a producer, we can realize that we have already accomplished something.

The next task is also mental but of a different sort. We must think about how we are going to successfully produce something. Again, the modern person may struggle to overcome the slave labor conditioning of always being handed a task. We must become the thinker we are capable of being. By taking it upon ourselves to build a garden we will have to make some decisions about how we are going to achieve this goal. Where will this garden be located? Without a yard, balcony or rooftop one will have to grow indoors or go further out into the community. A neighborhood vacant lot may be an option or a garden can be located on top of a concrete driveway.

The fundamentals of gardening are the same no matter where you are growing. Your garden needs to grow in something. That will be soil or a soil medium and the size of your challenge will depend on the size of your garden. Regardless of where the garden is located, you will need clean materials to construct your containers and growing medium (soil, etc.). Be sure to investigate the sources of the materials you plan to use. For example, if you are purchasing compost, you should inquire about the source of the compost. If it is produced from landscaping waste like sod and grass clippings, think about how people treat their lawns nowadays. The most common lawn care products contain artificial fertilizers and chemical pesticides, along with genetically engineered seeds. One will have to use their mind to avoid falling prey to the businesses trying to sell you waste packaged as good product.

After building your growing beds, adopting a crop rotation plan and acquiring good seed are the next steps. It will take planning your crops a year in advance, recording what worked and what did not work each season, finding a good seed company and establishing a relationship with an existing gardener to have a solid plan. It helps to balance the mental work with the physical labor of building the growing beds by switching from one to the other so as to not burn out on one. As long as you apply mulch to suppress weed growth, by the time you put your seeds or plants in the ground, most of the work is done. To go along with your fresh produce, the health benefits of which are well known, you will have accomplished something greater. The challenge we all face, especially those trapped in the “modern” world, is to change from consumer to producer – the kind of producer that benefits our planet. The only true obstacle to this change is within our own minds. We must give up the ease, comfort and laziness to accept the challenge of living a life in harmony with our world.

Products of Genocide

There is a history to everything. The things that surround us all have untold stories about how they came to be where they are today. For us in the consumer culture we only know the very last chapter of these stories, the chapter in which we purchased it and brought it home. This may give one the feeling of being a stranger in an environment.

It is a marked contrast from living in a village, farm or even a town where one knows the history of all, or most of the things that surround them. One will know where the food comes from, the building materials, the clothes, who makes these things and so on. In these settings, one has a better understanding of where they come from by knowing the history of their own family. But within the consumer culture the products we purchase from the cashier with a smiling face are not as wholesome as it had been on the farm or in the village.

Take a box of rubber bands for example. Rubber has a history that has caused multiple genocides. The interesting thing about genocide is that most people say that they did not know it was happening until it was too late, until it was over, or that it was a part of history that is not happening any more. There have been conflicts in Mexico, Brazil, Congo, Liberia, Vietnam, Philippines and others countries that have resulted in mass casualties, mass suffering and environmental destruction in order to establish rubber plantations. A second interesting thing is that every genocide differs. This means that if we consider the details of a previous atrocity and compare it with current events, there will be differences. That does not mean that the outcome will be different, there are many ways to tear down a house. Current events show us that rubber is being produced in greater amounts than ever before.

So what is the consumers’ impression of how the rubber is being produced? If one reads the N.Y. Times, they might come across an article in which the author is interviewing the president of a rubber company. A picture of the plantation will be painted to show a place where on a Southern Style plantation, 80,000 people will live close to the trees with housing, churches, schools, medical facilities, wages, rice and electricity provided. Another article may tell of the child labor, human rights abuses, poisoning of waterways with toxic chemicals and other atrocities. A consumer’s impression of how rubber is produced will ultimately depend on an individual’s understanding that the history of a person, in this case an organization, is the most accurate indication of the current and future behavior of that organization. The consumers’ decision to affect the situation will depend on their intelligence and discipline to not indulge their desires for things with histories they prefer not to know.


U.S. Military presence on a rubber plantation in Liberia.

Survivor's Notebook

Survivor’s Notebook: Modern Medicine Part II – The Incurable Conspiracy

Disclaimer: The statements of the author reflect the views of the author and do not represent the opinions of the staff or publisher of the Sunnyside.

The industry of modern medicine is one of the many aspects of this culture that keep us enslaved. The modern system of colonialism and imperialism thrives on the exploitation of humanity and the planet. The medical industry is a major contributor to this exploitation and should not be considered as separate from the rest of the system. Every aspect of the system, its politics, media, food, education, government, military, and medicine functions together towards a common goal. Seeing the medical industry as a part connected to a whole will help us to understand the depths of the conspiracy by the modern system to control humanity and the world.

The colonial system sees people as human resources. We have been reduced to the level of a commodity. Like any potential resource, the colonial system has developed methods to extract us from our natural environments and use us to fulfill its agenda. The medical industry is so deeply involved in this process that it would take several entries in the Survivor’s Notebook to fully explain. The reader is encouraged to continue to research where I stop short here for the sake of space. For now, please just read on with an open mind.

First let’s note that the colonial culture sets us up to seek, above all else, the instant gratification of our desires. We want what will make us feel good, we don’t want to wait for it and we don’t want to work for it. If we’re hungry, there is a fast food joint around the corner and ready to eat snacks at the gas station or maybe our own pantry. If someone can serve it up to us on a silver platter, we will eat it. The colonial system is very good at enticing us with what we crave but the system doesn’t include a warning sign to tell us that the things it has us addicted to will make us sick.

The colonial system has succeeded in convincing many of us that it alone is at the forefront of advanced civilization and that every society that came before it is primitive and not deserving of our attention or respect. The medical industry, of course, presents itself the same way. Traditional healers are referred to as shamans and faith healers and are given no respect or recognition for the fact that their techniques of healing are mostly hundreds of times older than the medical industry. This propaganda ensures that when our toxic lifestyles make us sick, we will always go to the medical industry for help.

As was detailed in last month’s issue, it is the colonial medical system that uses primitive techniques of symptom treating instead of finding and treating the root causes of diseases. Our desire for instant gratification again feeds into this strategy. When we’re sick, we don’t want to wait to get better, we want to feel better right away. Even if we continue to walk around sick, as long as we feel better, we will go about our business as if nothing is wrong. This logic applies whether it’s popping pain pills for a headache or cutting out vital organs that could eventually heal if the right conditions are met. Often, we know the conditions that must be met for our health to improve, but we don’t want to take on the challenge if it involves sacrificing the pleasures that we’ve become accustomed to.

Traditional healers use medicines that treat the source of the diseases with the end result of curing it. Traditional treatments are not a quick fix but sometimes take weeks, months to eliminate the disease. However, the fact is that all of the diseases, from herpes to AIDS, that the medical industry has labeled as incurable, are curable and have been cured by traditional healers without side effects or invasive and dangerous procedures.

The medical industry knows this and knows that if everybody knew this, not only would they be out of business, but a key aspect of the colonial system’s conspiracy would be exposed. Not only are traditional forms of medicine disrespected by the colonial system, traditional healers risk being attacked outright just for practicing. For me to even make these claims, I have put a disclaimer at the top of this article because for a healer to even say that he’s cured a disease is illegal and not illegal like jaywalking or breaking the speed limit, but cause for major, bank breaking law suits, deportation for foreign nationals. These laws are supposedly in place for public safety but Traditional healers have been practicing successfully without these laws for thousands of years. Even if there were false claims made by some healers, lets not forget that companies make false claims all the time and face minimal threat of legal action, not to mention the damage that the legal drugs offered by the system are doing. Other healers have even been killed for attempting to go public with a cure. This illustrates how vital the medical industry is to the colonial system as a whole.

To have an accurate perspective, it’s important to note that the human body is designed to live for about 150 years. The average American lifespan is estimated to be about half of that. According to the colonial system, 75 years is supposed to be long lived, and the longest living person on record died at 122. However, in a recent trip to Merita (Africa), our group was introduced to an elder who was 122 years old. He wasn’t using a walker or a wheelchair to get around, he was riding a bicycle!

In America, the retirement age is 65 years old. This means that we work for our whole adult lives (usually not working to our own benefit) and only when we’re getting ready to die do we get a chance to rest. Of course this is only if we are lucky enough to have a job that we can retire from and still have our needs met. Is it a coincidence that our elders have so little time to rest before they die?


In 2004 it was recorded in America by The Center for Disease Control that 87% of Americans over are 65 taking at least one medication and 60% taking at least 3.

Let’s look at the way the medical industry operates. Patients come in with a problem. If they are diagnosed with a condition that the medical industry has labeled as incurable, they are prescribed medicine that they are often told that they will have to take for the rest of their lives. This medicine, even though it doesn’t cure the condition, often causes another problem, a “side effect”, which they are prescribed another medication to treat. The 2 medicines combined cause even more problems that are treated with more medications. This medicine is so highly processed that it is very difficult for the body to digest and eliminate, so it becomes a huge burden on the digestive system, especially when multiple medications are taken at once. Eventually the organs responsible for cleansing toxins from the body – the liver and kidneys – become so overwhelmed that they stop functioning properly. Since the body can no longer cleanse itself, toxins build up in the body and begin to attack the brain and other organs. This is where deadly diseases like cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and heart disease come in.

Once the organs shut down and the person either can’t control their bodily functions or their mind starts to go, most times it’s off to the nursing home, the place where we are sent after the system has milked us dry and it has no further use for us. The nursing home plays an important role for the colonial society. It removes elders from the family so that they aren’t able to pass knowledge on to their descendants. Their families are not burdened with caring for them, so they can go about their business of slaving for the system. The nursing home also hides from us, to an extent, the horrible reality that the medical industry reduces the human being to. The nursing home is more like a roach motel for humans: Humans check in but they don’t check out.

Like legalized drug dealers, doctors earn their money by selling us medicine, so it is not in their monetary interests to be honest about where this process leads. According to the capitalist model, what sense would it make for a business to make a product that a person will only have to use once or twice when they can sell it to them for the rest of their lives. This is why, with the trillions of dollars raised during marathons, telethons or gathered from fundraising foundations by the families of dead celebrities, the medical industry has not come forward with a cure for any of the diseases that strike fear into our hearts. Our health and our lives are sacrificed once again to serve the colonial agenda.

When are we going to start taking our lives into our own hands? We can’t afford to keep using the same excuses. If we want to survive, we are going to have to learn how to take care of ourselves and each other and then apply that knowledge to our lives permanently. To do this, it will take a long term, serious commitment to changing ourselves and adopting values and priorities that will support a healthy life. These values are held by traditional cultures worldwide that preserved life on Earth for tens of thousands of years, the cultures that the colonial system works so hard to destroy and remove from our consciousness. We see that the colonial model is only bringing destruction. There is no cure for the disease of colonial culture except to remove ourselves from it. We owe it to ourselves to return to what worked for us before. It’s time to return home.