Talking Drum

Is it our time?

Sunrise over lake

The Sun rises, beginning a new day.

We don’t question so many ideas that we are told are facts. We take for fact that north is up and that gravity pulls us down. We assume that if today is Monday, tomorrow can only be Tuesday. New generations may never know life without cell phones, internet and video games. This world that has been artfully built for our amusement and convenience is distracting us from the reality of things.
Let’s notice that the calendar we are using has names for months and days of the week that are never explained to us in our formal education and never discussed in society. Do these names have no meaning or are the names insignificant? Where do these names come from and who decided that this is the way we should tell time? These are questions worth asking.
Upon investigation, we discover that the names in our calendar are mostly taken from Roman mythology, while the names of some months come from Roman emperors and Latin numbers. When we say today is Saturday, we are saying the day belongs to the Roman “God”, Saturn. In other words, we are worshipping Roman culture and mythology when we use this calendar.

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Event Calendar

Kairika Events & Holy Days

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Ancestral Spiritual Day
Personal Zemzem and ancestral offerings and libations at personal shrine.
Original Spiritual Day
Community Zemzem and offerings done at The Earth Center Temple. Everyone is welcome. Contact your local Earth Center for times.
Mapping the Cosmos Lectures – Kemetic Time Keeping & The Zodiac.
3rd Kairika (San Diego), 11th Kairika (Chicago)
• The Origins of the Zodiac Signs • Connecting Astronomy & Astrology
 Pre-Kwanzaa Celebration (Chicago): 9th, 10th Kairika Click here for details.
The Kemetic Fasting Period
24th Kairika: Embalment of Wsr (Osiris) – A night of prayers and lamentation.
27th Kairika: Beginning of Fasting – Do not eat, drink, smoke, etc. from sunrise to sunset
from 27th Kairika until 6th Tepia.
29th Kairika: Mourning for Wsr – A day of lamentation and prayer.
7th Tepia: End of Fasting – A feast celebrating the fasting period with family and friends.
Event Calendar

Ateeri Events & Holy Days

Sunnyside 15.2 Event Calendar

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Volume 8.0

Ancestor Dreams

Sometimes, sleep eludes me
I lay my head upon the pillow and just hope
Hope that I will find the door to some small oblivion

But one night, such a night it was
Began in confusion. Static in the brain but no pain
Just fear beginning to creep into my heart

“Look at my face, concentrate” he said
That voice that I had longed to hear
That voice for which I had cried my last tear

My heart said, “You talkin’ to me?”
But my mind followed his command

We stood together in a banquet hall
I looked upon his black skin, shining like a dark lake
I looked into his face, his cat-like eyes ready to pounce
He looked into me and he smiled.

Sunlight sighed upon lush carpets
The ceiling of the room stood still
A careful shield of comfort hovering
Above the heads of the crowd.

So many faces. Some light, some dark
Bright eyes of brown deep eyes of grey
And all the skin surveying every aspect of brown
To black. Hair, kinked or straight, long or not

My mind wanted to say “Who are these people?”
But my heart pulled off the last rags
That had tightly wrapped it in funerary white
And bore witness to the forbearers of its blood

Again, I owe him a debt that I cannot repay
It was his teaching that made possible this day
And the night of my Ancestor Dreams

Volume 8.0

Kujichagulia: Self-Determination in the Colonial World

I think of Kwanzaa and I think of the great things it represents for our community, and then I think of our ancestors and the greatest of the communities of ancient times. These communities have not been rivaled in their splendor or compassion in the modern era.

Monuments such as this obelisk and the pyramids (below) are still a mystery to our modern culture. The meanings behind them and the methods used to construct them are still topics of debate, but the secrets behind them may only be revealed to those who honestly return to their culture.

The Seven Principles of Kwanzaa are linked to our past and are stepping stones to reclaiming not just our dignity but also our greatness. For the first time in literally thousands of years, we have a chance to conquer our pride and take back our cultural values that were once shared by everyone in the world that were known to be good or “on the side of Ra.”

Dr. Maulana Karenga has earned his place in history as one of the individuals responsible for our survival of the holocaust of slavery. His name is mentioned along with those of Dr. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. We thank our heroes for helping us to survive, now it’s time for us to take up the struggle to thrive.

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