Volume 9.3

Of Vital Importance

Youth's Vitality

Youth’s Vitality

IN ANY CULTURE, one of the greatest assets is its youth. The youth of a culture are its future and whichever direction they choose to go, the culture may or may not continue. How can this be true around the world and throughout history? What is it about the youth that makes them so vital? It is precisely that. The vitality of the youth is an eternal spring which quenches our thirst to carry on. It is through the youth that we continue our immortality. Turning our backs on the youth is akin to walking backward, at a certain point you can go no further. We can easily recognize this point: it is not experience that makes youth valuable, it is the vitality. One can then understand the value of elders, and the need for both.

Under the oppression of colonialism a human being becomes denatured and distracted. The

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Pen Renut – Kpekhan

Imin (188x432)The Month of Pen Renut
(April 9th – May 8th)
Governed by: Imin

Imin is an invisible, self-created God. He is a warrior God and is important in keeping Divine Order. He protects Gods with his shadow. Imin is very discreet but is active and verile at the same time. He is very high on the hierarchy of Gods but will come down to the battlefield to fight when the Divine Order is threatened. In the beginning, it was Imin who fought and destroyed the enemies of the Divine Order.


Hetheru (206x426)
The Month of Kpekhan
(May 9th – June 7th)
Governed by: Hetheru

Hetheru is the Universal Cow Goddess and is connected with healing and childbirth. She determines the destiny of a child at birth. Hetheru is a warrior Goddess and is represented as a woman with bull horns on her head with a solar disk between them. She is worshipped on Earth as the holy white cow. She is the wife of Heru.

Survivor's Notebook

Congo Conundrum Part 2

LAST MONTH, WE EXPLORED the conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and how we are supporting that conflict. The International Rescue Committee says that 5.4 million people have died as a result of this conflict from 1998 to 2007, and the death continues to happen at the rate of 45,000 every month. This month we will explore the background and history of the DRC and what is contributing to the most deadly conflict since World War II.

The majority of the conflict is taking place in the Eastern region of the DRC, though this conflict needs to be looked at in its entirety from East to West of the country. The East of the DRC is part of the Great Lakes Region of Africa (Merita). This region is known and recognized as the birthplace of humanity. It is also the source of the Hapi (Nile) River, along which humanity’s original civilization was established and thrived for tens of thousands of years. This civilization, Kemet, has been the inspiration for all of humanity, reaching across the entire continent of Merita and most of the rest of the world, including Maanu (North and South America) where pyramids stand to this day. Knowing of this rich history makes the reports of widespread killing, rape, sexual mutilation and cannibalism that much harder to believe. Let’s see how descendants of the original cultures of humanity can seemingly be reduced to the level of barbarians.

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Cover Story

A Legacy of Upliftment: Margaret Burroughs

“I ask you, what will your legacy be?

Do you know?

Have you thought about it?

Do you have an answer?

What will you leave as your legacy?

If you have no answer.

If at this point, you cannot say,


Listen to me!

This is the moment.

This is the prime moment for you to think

and get to work

and identify what you will leave as your legacy

for you to be remembered by.

You are here.

You, still here, alive and quick and you have time.

You have time on your side.

You have time to begin even now

so get busy and do something to help somebody

to improve the condition of life for people now

and for those to come after.

To building institutions,

to educate and broaden the minds for people now

and for those who came after

and to make your life a contribution

that will be your legacy.

Do this and your name will be remembered

from now on and into eternity.”

— Dr. Margaret T.G. Burroughs

A legacy is defined as something that is handed down or remains from a previous generation or time; as from an ancestor or predecessor. It is what our ancestors have left behind for us and it is what we leave behind for our descendants. A legacy is not something that is owned by any individual, it is a torch to be passed from generation to generation, each one after the other with the understanding that we are doing one work – to leave the world better than when we found it.

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Seeker Meditation

The Nature of A Man

tree (411x461)
Every man in your life’s like the river Nile.
He can provide for his wife and can seed a child.
Bringing the energy of life to the fertile land,
He can build or destroy depending on your plan.
Every river in nature has at least two banks.
One on each flank paired into two ranks.
When the Nile recedes they’re closest together,
But when it inundates each side is all the better.
The east produced barley the west produced wheat,
With proper irrigation every family can eat.
Listen, Our survival is at stake, don’t u understand?
Two banks, two ranks execute a plan.
Let’s work together and, Stop working for The Man
By using corruption to excuse why you’re building dams.
The river ran, up against the solitary bank.

Can u imagine a ship with a single flank?
Fish that denied he drank,
The file without a rank,
The finest artist could persist and would draw a blank…
So, Diversionary course or perversion’s a recourse,
A single dam can’t stand the legendary force.
Be natural and resort to respecting the resource,
And the Nile will keep on course to the very shores.

– Sama’at Sakuhai