Kem Graduation

The Greatest Goal

Everyone in this society values what they think their life’s purpose is. To teach, to play football, to entertain, to do this and do that. The modern person has become comfortable walking through whatever door has been made available to them by this system, confident in the illusion that they have options. Every occupation, profession, […]

Kem Life

Advancing Civilization

In recent times, we have begun to identify our advancement as a species by our ability to make our lives easier. Since the dawn of human civilization, we have survived through natural means, through maintaining harmony with the natural world while gaining mastery over it. The industrial revolution introduced the modern idea of automation which […]

Survivor's Notebook

Survivor’s Notebook: Day of Tehuti The Quality That Binds Us

by Kasabez Maakmaah Human beings cannot survive in this world alone. Our existence depends on more than we often realize. We depend on our communities and nature to meet our daily requirements for living. Our food, clothing and shelter, we do not create these things on our own. Even for us to be born and […]