Kem Life

Internal Cleansing Of The Body

Many people do not realize that the body itself requires maintenance. It is not enough to “eat healthy” or “exercise regularly.” If you do not cleanse your internal organs once in awhile, your body will run into “health problems” at some point, regardless of how “healthy” you think you are. Maybe you’ve developed a pattern […]

Survivor's Notebook

Modern Medicine – A Cancer on Humanity

The medical system is an industry. For it to sell its products, it depends on people being sick. The success of medicine companies and hospitals depends their having sick people to treat. Therefore, it’s not in their business interests to really make people better. At best, they want to get people just well enough for them to maintain some level of credibility. Besides, they have to get people back to work long enough for them to pay their medical bills or their health insurance. The goal, however, is to keep their customers coming back just like any salesmen. This is the issue that arises in a capitalist society: The well-being of humanity and the planet always takes a back seat to profits.