Survivor's Notebook

The Dog & Pony Show

If you think of yourself as a person who cares and wants better for yourself, your community or humanity, you have certainly attended the dog and pony show more than once. A lot of effort is put into the appearance of things to bring people out. Maybe it will be advertised as a meeting of […]

Feature Story

Mexico Cartels

The word “freedom” is one that has often been used to ignite passion in people and in entire communities. It can bring people to tears when combined with the right imagery and music, and it can also move people enough to start wars. It is a word that is often used to remind us of […]

Feature Story

Mexico’s Drug Wars

In M’TAM(the oldest Traditional Initiatic Education known to humanity), we are taught to observe a phenomenon in its many sequences which all contribute to the final outcome, because any one cause can be seen as the main contributing factor to a unknowing observer. We are conditioned by modern science and colonial education to usually perceive […]