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Reconquest of the Self 0

Reconquest of the Self

I remember talking about the concept of initiation and why every spirit that comes to life needs to be initiated into life. I was saying that it is important to understand that the initiatic system put together by our Ancestors is intended for the youth, meaning any young people between the age of 6 to 13. Every life that reincarnates into the realities of our terrestrial dimension has to be equipped with the necessary means...

Return to the Origins Welcome The Debasah Generation 0

Return to the Origins Welcome The Debasah Generation

We say that life evolves as a cycle.  That which was lost today may be found tomorrow. At The Earth Center, we are working to reclaim what was lost to so many of us. For years, people of the modern societies have been pursuing what is easy and comfortable, thinking that we will gain something from it. The only thing we have succeeded in doing is corrupting ourselves. Through that corruption, we have seen our...