Kem Graduation

Pursuing Personal Quality – A Welcome to the Sahqara Generation

The continent is Africa (Meritah). A full moon has risen early in a still sunlit sky. A village compound with a carpenter on a low stool in the center of the yard building a large frame using raffia bamboo. The carpenter’s seven-year-old son enters the yard and starts this conversation. “Tapsei, Papa (Good work, Papa). […]

Volume 15.8

Those Belonging to Truth – The Nimahat Graduation

Prophet Neb Naba, the Maakheru (Voice of Truth) of the M’TAM Schools worldwide, told us a story that was taught to him as part of the traditional education within his culture in Meritah (Africa). This anecdote revolves around a man that spent days and days trying to cut down a tree, but the axe he […]