Cover Story

Reclaiming Our Culture: A Kem Graduation

By: Nekhitem Kamenthu On the 2nd day of the month Nwt in the year 407 of this great year cycle, the students in the Iptioora generation graduated from their first year of study at the Earth Center. The Earth Center is an institution dedicated to preserving traditional Kemetic culture. These students studied the values of […]

Feature Story

Lessons From Pan Gu Mystical Qi Gong

By: Ibsahu Maakmaha After speaking with Herpw Bikdeni about his interest in other indigenous and non-western philosophies, particularly the Law of Five Elements from the Taoist Tradition, I decided to focus my efforts on exposing some of the commonalities between Qi Gong (Energy Work) and Ka’at Ibi (Assessing the Heart and Mind), hoping to bridge […]

Volume 7.4

NAGPRA’s Hawaiian Controversy

By: Nehez Meniooh In 1990, The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act was passed.  This act provides mechanisms for museums to return human remains, funeral objects and sacred objects to the Native communities where they originated.  Thousands of items and human remains have been returned and reburied over the past eighteen years.  For the […]

Volume 7.4

Farmland or Factory Site?

By: Rezib Tutsanai’i Singur is a small farming community in the West Bengal province of India. The agricultural way of life has supported the people of this community for hundreds of years. Their land is particularly fertile due to the fact that it is part of the Hooghly river valley. The land in this area […]

On The Ancestral Path

When We Ignore the Obvious

By: Bikbaye Inejnema Why is the obvious so hard for us to see? Simple: the lenses through which we are looking at the world are dirty and need to be cleansed. The images we see are distorted, including the one we see in the mirror. It then becomes challenging to judge the distance from or […]