Survivor's Notebook


By Khefira Hasati Honey has been treasured by humans for many, many thousands of years. The sweet nectar produced by the endless work and tireless effort of bees is, in its quality, comparable to the spiritual gifts one might receive after a lifetime of devotion to prayers and meditations. Bees, in a single lifetime, fly […]

On The Ancestral Path

When We Ignore the Obvious

By: Bikbaye Inejnema Why is the obvious so hard for us to see? Simple: the lenses through which we are looking at the world are dirty and need to be cleansed. The images we see are distorted, including the one we see in the mirror. It then becomes challenging to judge the distance from or […]

Survivor's Notebook

Accessing Our True Wealth

By: Kasabez Maakmaah As the US falls deeper into economic recession, the dollar continues to lose its value, more people are having difficulty finding work, and the price of food is rising. Financial hardships and intense budgeting have become a reality for many Americans. Some are referring current urban conditions as third world. One Brooklyn […]

Volume 7.4

Farmland or Factory Site?

By: Rezib Tutsanai’i Singur is a small farming community in the West Bengal province of India. The agricultural way of life has supported the people of this community for hundreds of years. Their land is particularly fertile due to the fact that it is part of the Hooghly river valley. The land in this area […]

Volume 7.4

NAGPRA’s Hawaiian Controversy

By: Nehez Meniooh In 1990, The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act was passed.  This act provides mechanisms for museums to return human remains, funeral objects and sacred objects to the Native communities where they originated.  Thousands of items and human remains have been returned and reburied over the past eighteen years.  For the […]