Volume 8.0

A Kebtah Graduation

By Elder Unaui Maktitaoui A NEW GROUP of Kem in the San Diego area have ended a year of studies. We have six new M’TAM Initiates who will become Hat-Tenee. We have six new human beings that have returned to remember the teachings of their ancestors. The Earth Center, a non-profit traditional Kemetic organization from […]

Volume 8.0

What is News?

By Nehez Meniooh Two Sides to Every Massacre THE PERUVIAN GOVERNMENT under Alan Garcia re­cently sent heavily armed police in order to clear several thou­sand Aguaruna and Wampi Indians from an Amazon highway blockade. The Government has recently signed a number of free trade agreements with the United States and Canada, seeking to change domestic […]

Feature Story

The Guantanamo Debate

By Rezib Tutsanaii Debate between the republican and democratic political machines took another turn last week when former Vice President Dick Cheney and President Barak Obama exchanged opinions in speeches on the same day. The President insists that it is important to keep his promise of closing the Guantanamo Bay detention facility. This will be […]

Survivor's Notebook

Survivor’s Notebook: Government Scare Tactics – The “Swine Flu”

“Somehow, we lose sight of the fact that humanity has survived and thrived on this planet for hundreds of thousands of years without the colonial system.”

On The Ancestral Path

On the Ancestral Path

Entertaining Us To Death When we hear the word “Superstar”, we automatically think in terms of entertainment. Whether it is sports, music or film is arbitrary because it’s all entertainment. We have admired many people within these crafts throughout history. We have even grown to think we love them and/or hate them solely based on […]