Monthly Archive: June 2010

Homage to the Woman 0

Homage to the Woman

In life, we often have difficulties in solving our problems, by the way we don’t grant value to certain advice which could have been used to guide us on the right track. This tale pays homage to the woman who is our mother, the source of life and the cradle of humanity because she occupies a very important place in our lives and in society. There was a village, where there lived a chief and...

Natural Childbirth Part 1 0

Natural Childbirth Part 1

The gift of pregnancy and the ability to endure childbirth inspires mankind to celebrate and honor our women.  This marvelous ability is recognized by people of all cultures and traditions as a great responsibility that women hold, distinguishing a woman as the bearer of life, the unconditional care-giver, and mankind’s very first teacher.  From traditional spiritual practices to modern religions, women are identified as upholding the beauty and esteem of a culture, and are worthy...

Sisterhood 0


Is it true that a woman’s work is never done? Maybe. Our drawer full of hats, that we as women wear, proves how many roles we play throughout our lives. We are sisters, wives, mothers, and daughters. All of the above are busy working, cooking, cleaning, serving, teaching, dancing, washing, sewing, healing and raising children. Although none of these duties or expectations are small, this is what makes everything about a woman so great. The...