Kemetic Paradigm Series Part 1: What Is Kemet?

Kemet is a cultural territory which, at one point in time, geographically comprised many parts of the world, including Europe, Asia, America, Australia, and the whole continent of Africa. For over 150,000 years, Kemet was the system that was ruling humanity, not just the Nile Valley. It is a system of preservation, focused on raising human qualities beyond the limits that even the Gods thought humans could achieve.

Egypt, as a geographical territory, does not exist in historic Kemetic texts. What the modern society has confused as Egypt is actually a cultural way of life of “Hej Ptah,” which translates to “The rising of Ptah within.”
This cultural way of life comes with a certain set of values and principles which determine what a person will or won’t do, in order to protect their spirit and ensure personal evolution. In Kemet, every individual was aware of the boundaries, rules, and principles that aligned one with our origins and the Divine world.

A Kem person is defined by these cultural values, not the color of their skin. In the word Kemet, you have the word “Kem.” Kem translates to something that is burned and cannot be burned again, as once something has been burned or combusted, it is the last possible transformation that an object can go through.

Design by Kasati Heqama

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Design of “What Is Kemet?” Graphic by Rahimi Boumaaktem

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