Kemetic Paradigm Series Part 5: What Is The Basis of Our Society?

While the knowledge from Kemet was being preserved and protected across tribes in West Africa, the foundations for the modern society in which we all live today was being laid by the Greeks and Romans.

This new paradigm, based upon the small amounts of knowledge the invaders were able to take from the Kemetic initiations merged with Greco-Roman values, is the one we are all living within today. If Meritah (traditional Africa) is to be recognized as the “cradle of civilization,” then it is clear that all of us living in the modern world today have been colonized. We’ve lost our Ancestral culture. Instead, we speak the language of the colonizer, have adopted their religions, live by their calendar, and have internalized their values.

When examined, the similarities between modern power structures and the ancient Kemetic structure are striking, yet the foundations are very different. Political leaders today exist only to solidify the power of the current system or their own personal ambitions, while the ancient Kemetic structure was in Divine service to benefit the whole of humanity. Many today even believe that Kemet is a dead culture, but the traditions and wisdom are very much alive in tribes throughout West Africa and other areas of Meritah (traditional Africa), preserved by the original bloodlines who migrated from the Nile Valley.

Design of “What Is The Basis of Our Society?” Graphic by Sanchaya Satish

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