Kemetic Paradigm Series Part 6: What Is Spiritual Confusion?

Many people ask, how did Kemet “fall?” How could this empowered culture be conquered by an imperialistic force?

Religion started an anti-spirituality movement. Its origins are entrenched in a movement to oppose Kemetic spirituality, which required a level of discipline and humility that was too challenging to the invaders. Religion came to remove people from the Kemetic spiritual paradigm so that they could be controlled.

There is no way to remove someone from a true spiritual system unless the system they are being forcibly subjugated into resembles the one they are coming from.
This is called “Spiritual Confusion.”

Spiritual confusion is twisting concepts from the Kemetic paradigm and fitting them
into the agenda of the colonizers to ensure submission and pacification. Many of the modern religions today have Kemetic roots and some Kemetic concepts in their teachings, with enough spiritual confusion to throw honest seekers off the path.

Design of “What Is Spiritual Confusion?” Graphic by Kasati Heqama

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