Author: Tara Cuskley


Kemetic Paradigm Series Part 5: What Is The Basis of Our Society?

While the knowledge from Kemet was being preserved and protected across tribes in West Africa, the foundations for the modern society in which we all live today was being laid by the Greeks and Romans. This new paradigm, based upon the small amounts of knowledge the invaders were able to take from the Kemetic initiations merged with Greco-Roman values, is the one we are all living within today. If Meritah (traditional Africa) is to be...


Kemetic Paradigm Series Part 3: Why Was Medu Outlawed?

By the time Kemet had reached the height of its power, Prophets of the time were already predicting a downfall of the society. The grandiosity and success of the society made it a continuous target for outside invaders. Approximately 2,500 years ago, the invasions into the Nile Valley (Ancient Egypt) by the Greeks and Romans started to gain traction and erode the very culture they envied for its greatness. However, the invaders, in their haste...